Coding pre next pager into pager

Always using template from internet, but in meteor i cannot use previous next button. Fortunately,  I got code from internet. Here is how it looks like (without CSS) In this example, i have 3 tabs, 3 navigation. Pager is for button "next" and "previous". Here is my code: I have tabs working using by bootstrap, now … Continue reading Coding pre next pager into pager


Using jQuery

Problem is : I want to use jQuery for button. But how ? install jQuery package. using the following ways:   Here is my first_page.js, and <button> is in my first_page.html(very simple code, no need to show). In this photo, there are 2 ways, one way is "rendered", another way is in comment, "events".   … Continue reading Using jQuery

jQuery Diary3

4 methods to add new content: append(): to insert content at the end of the selected elements(附加) prepend():to insert content at the beginning of the selected elements after():to insert content after the selected elements before():to insert content before the selected elements $("p").append(" Appended text"); Remove methods: remove(): to remove the selected element and its elements. … Continue reading jQuery Diary3