Everything i learned is from this video, thanks for this video: what is Scrum? First, we plan a small feature for our product, and build what we planed, next we test and review the small feature set and get ready to ship. when  this small cycle is completed, we are get ready for ship … Continue reading Scrum


web storage

web storage 简单的说,就是HTML5新增的功能, 可以在客户端本地储存数据, 至少是5MB, 并且这些数据不会被传送到服务器。 总体来说分为两类: 1.sessionStorage:暂时性的,浏览器一旦关闭,数据将被清除 2.localStorage:不能说永久性,但是会存储在客户端的硬盘上 命令也基本相同, 保存数据: localStorage.setItem(key,value); 读取数据: localStorage.getItem(key); 删除单个数据: localStorage.removeItem(key); 删除所有数据: localStorage.clear(); 得到某个索引的key: localStorage.key(index); 检查你的 浏览器是否有localStorage <code> if (type of mode !=="undefined"){ //code of localStorage or sessionStorage }else{ //"sorry no web storage support ! " }</code> (not ready..)