Using jQuery

Problem is : I want to use jQuery for button. But how ? install jQuery package. using the following ways:   Here is my first_page.js, and <button> is in my first_page.html(very simple code, no need to show). In this photo, there are 2 ways, one way is "rendered", another way is in comment, "events".   … Continue reading Using jQuery

web storage

web storage 简单的说,就是HTML5新增的功能, 可以在客户端本地储存数据, 至少是5MB, 并且这些数据不会被传送到服务器。 总体来说分为两类: 1.sessionStorage:暂时性的,浏览器一旦关闭,数据将被清除 2.localStorage:不能说永久性,但是会存储在客户端的硬盘上 命令也基本相同, 保存数据: localStorage.setItem(key,value); 读取数据: localStorage.getItem(key); 删除单个数据: localStorage.removeItem(key); 删除所有数据: localStorage.clear(); 得到某个索引的key: localStorage.key(index); 检查你的 浏览器是否有localStorage <code> if (type of mode !=="undefined"){ //code of localStorage or sessionStorage }else{ //"sorry no web storage support ! " }</code> (not ready..)